About Me

I am Tarun, the founding Editor and Publisher of Futuristic Wellness.

I am a medical scientist and writer with an international reputation.

After graduating with a Biochemistry degree, I am currently involved in Doctoral Research and working on varieties of research work in the medical field.

My journey in the field of medical science has been driven by a deep curiosity about the mechanisms of the human body and a desire to improve the lives of people through modern and advanced healthcare practices.

I have dedicated my career to exploring various fields of health science and have gained a wide range of expertise and certifications along with a special emphasis on mental health and hemoglobinopathies. With a strong background in research, I authored numerous high-quality articles in various aspects of medical sciences in different esteemed International Medical Journals.

In Futuristic Wellness, I bring together my expertise as a medical scientist and my passion for advancing healthcare and promoting wellness. With each article, review, and recommendation, I draw upon my expertise to provide accurate and reliable information. I systematically analyze scientific studies, consult reputable sources, and present the information clearly and understandably.  I will help readers to navigate the vast sea of health-related information and provide them with practical insights they can apply to their lives.

My mission at Futuristic Wellness is to link the gap between technology, medicine, and holistic wellness for a better tomorrow. Join me on a journey toward a healthier future, where innovation and well-being coexist perfectly

You can also read my latest research articles on Google Scholar.

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